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    The Indo-Row Machine
    This world-class rower uses water as resistance to simulate sound of being on the water while mimicking the exact dynamics and feel of a boat moving across the marina. It’s no wonder this machine is endorsed by Olympic rowers and fitness enthusiasts alike.

    A Unique Class Format
    Indo-Row’s unique format uses all the elements of real rowing to create a class that flies by and is addictive.

    Easy To Learn, Anyone Can Do It
    There is no experience needed. You can be up and rowing with the crew in just 5 minutes!

    Establishes A Motivating Team Dynamic
    The camaraderie and group dynamic pushes everyone to achieve their fitness goals.

    Delivers Measurable Results
    Each machine has an Indo-Row Race/Pace Coach proprietary monitor that provides instant feedback on pace, distance and calories, and shows improvements within each class and over time.

    • Specifically targets legs, glutes, core and arms.
    • Low-Impact, Amazing Cardio/Interval training.
    • All Abilities and Fitness Levels.
    • Ideal Cross-Training and Rehab for Runners, Cyclists, Skiers and Swimmers.

    In association with East Bay Rowing
    The mission of East Bay Rowing is to develop the opportunity and secure the equipment and venue for the greater East Bay community to participate in rowing and paddle sports.

    east bay rowing

    This project is a group effort that stems from a passion for rowing.