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Parker Mills, LLC has been a long standing fixture in the town of Warren, built in 1899, Parker Mill started as a producer of fine cotton goods.  It was considered state of the art for its time.  They operated 70,000 spindles, 1,405 looms and employed 450 workers!  In subsequent years the mill was also known as Berkshire Hathaway’s King Phillip Division, AVNET Inc., Carol Cable Company and Display World.  Located at 426 Metacom Avenue in Warren, RI,  Parker Mills LLC is a property company that owns the building as well as 426 Fitness, one of its tenants.  .  It was purchased by Peter King in April of 2019.

It is already home to over 10 local companies with additional space for rent.   In addition, we will be investing heavily in the next few years to refurbish and spruce up this historic building, including new windows, refurbished floors, sandblasting of the brick and paint!

We will be opening Warren Active as an offshoot to 426 Fitness which will be home to Just Dance, new squash courts, golf simulator and training, baseball training and a large indoor turf area.  Our vision for the 3 story portion of the building is to install small business incubator and accelerator spaces with common kitchen and conference room space.  It is an exciting time at Parker Mills!!

Parker Mills
Andy Arruda
Andy ArrudaProperty Manager
If you have an interest in renting space, please contact Andy Arruda at 401-301-4317 or [email protected].